Marshmello will perform on Fortnite on Saturday (February 2)

Philadelphia DJ and producer’s plans to perform a concert within the game were reportedly leaked earlier this week in documents procured from the v7.30 update, although Fortnite‘s makers Epic have yet to confirm that a virtual gig will be staged.

According to Forbes, players can currently see a stage being built within the game’s Pleasant Park, which will apparently play host to the big event which Marshmello is slated to perform at. A listing on the touring site Bandsintown also claims that Marshmello will perform on Fortnite on Saturday (February 2) at 2pm EST.


Variety reports that the show will apparently be “its own limited-time mode called ‘Party at Pleasant Park’”. Respawns will be available during the show, which means players can continue to play and kill each other’s v buck generator 2019 characters throughout the concert.

Reports also suggest that a new bundle – which includes a Marshmello skin, pickaxe, and spray – will also be made available for players to get this weekend.

“We wrote a song called ‘Happier’ and everyone got really excited about it so we thought it would be good as a collaboration,” Dan Smith told NME. “We had a really interesting time getting to work on it with Marshmello, who managed to find some euphoria in a pretty melancholy, direct song.

Epic Games said, “We were made aware of the vulnerabilities and they were soon addressed

Yesterday, Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, an online video game acknowledged the existence of a bug in the game (Fortnite). This bug could let attackers access user accounts by impersonating as real gamers and purchase V-Buck, Fortnite’s in-game currency with credit cards. This bug could also eavesdrop on record players’ in-game conversation and background home conversations. Just two months ago, researchers at Check Point Research found the vulnerabilities and informed Epic Games which then fixed the vulnerability.

In a statement to Washington Post, Oded Vanunu, Check Point’s head of products vulnerability research said, “The chain of the vulnerabilities within the log-in flow provide[d] the hacker the ability to take full control of the account.”

According to an analysis made by market research company SuperData, last year, with the help of Fortnite, Epic Games was leading the market for free-to-play games by earning $2.4 billion in revenue.

10 months ago, a user shared his experience on Reddit regarding his account being hacked. The hacker used all his money using his card for buying V-Bucks. The post reads, “It appears my epic games account was hacked this past weekend, and they proceeded to spend all the money they could on v-bucks (which was all of it).” The victim also added a note“ I’ve never tried signing up for free v-bucks or anything of the sort. I think I’ve just used the same password email combo too many times and at some point it was leaked in some data breach.”

In spite of refund by Epic team the online gaming world doesn’t look that safe. But this post has some comments which clearly states how scared users are. One of the users commented, “Well, after reading this I just deleted my PayPal from my Epic Games account. Definitely going to run with entering details each time instead of storing them.” The thread has some comments which suggests having a two-way verification, changing passwords frequently and using prepaid cards if possible for online games.

In a statement to The Verge, Epic Games said, “We were made aware of the vulnerabilities and they were soon addressed. We thank Check Point for bringing this to our attention. As always, we encourage players to protect their accounts by not re-using passwords and using strong passwords, and not sharing account information with others.”

Hackers deceive players in various ways, one of which is, asking users to log into fake websites that promised to free v buck generator. These sites ask gamers to enter their game login credentials and personal information like name, address and credit card details, which further get misused. Usually, such scams are promoted via social media campaigns that claim gamers can “earn easy cash” or “make quick money”.

Check Point’s research found out a vulnerability in the game that didn’t even require the login details for the attackers to attack. An XSS (cross-site scripting) attack was responsible according to researchers, which would just require users to click on a link sent to them by the attacker. As soon as the user would click the link, their Fortnite username and password would immediately be captured by the attacker, without the need for them to enter any login credentials. According to the researchers, this bug would let hackers steal pieces of code to identify a gamer when he/she logs into the game by a third-party account such as Xbox Live or Facebook. After accessing a gamer’s account in Fortnite with these security tokens, hackers could buy weapons, in-game currency, or even cosmetic accessories.

Epic Games also recently patched a vulnerability

Fortnite is a free-to-play game, but features an in-game currency that can be used to purchase skins, emotes, and Battles Passes. V-Bucks or “Vindertech Bucks” can be earned by completing daily quests and missions or purchased through online vendors like Microsoft Store Online or the Official Playstation Store. 1,000 V-Bucks will run customers $9.99 USD.

The Independent and cyber security firm Sixgill found out that stolen credit cards are being used to purchase V-Bucks. These V-Bucks are then sold at a steep discount on the Dark Web or through social media scams. Sixgill agents pretended to be potential customers and discovered that V-Buck laundering operations were being conducted throughout the world. 

Benjamin Preminger, a senior intelligence analyst at Sixgill noted the money laundering operations were conducted with relative ease. He remarked, “Epic Games doesn’t seem to clamp down in any serious way on criminal activity surrounding Fortnite, money laundering or otherwise.” He hopes that Epic Games will take measures to better monitor their in-game currency and to work more closely with law enforcement.

Epic Games also recently patched a vulnerability that would have granted access to users’ accounts. Israeli cyber security company Check Point uncovered two Epic Games subdomains where the single-sign-on (SSO) tokens could be easily transferred to hackers. They then would have been able to acquire users’ in-game currency and the last four digits of their credit card. Epic Games quickly responded to the issue once it was reported, but it is unclear how long this free v bucks generator vulnerability was available. 

IT security firm Zerofox discovered 53,000 Fortnite scams in just a one month period. Although money laundering is certainly an issue, most scams are shared through social media or other seemingly benign websites. Fortnite’s large user base is relatively young and therefore less likely to recognize fraud. Hopefully the company will do more in the future to protect their players.

Here’s how you can spot fortnite vbuck scam and protect your kids

Fortnite’s” incredible popularity among kids has made it an easy target for rip-off artists trying to make some actual bucks while the game is hot. A recent study from online security company ZeroFox discovered more than 4,700 fake “Fortnite” websites, and the company sent out more than 50,000 security alerts about “Fortnite” scams in a single month.

Kids are particularly vulnerable to requests to turn over personal information, including names and email addresses or even credit card numbers.

Here’s how you can spot the scam and protect your kids.


>> V-Bucks generators:  free vbucks no human verification are one of the biggest online “Fortnite” scams. These are often websites that offer people points for watching or clicking on ads, and these points can supposedly be traded in for free V-Bucks within the game. Not only do these free V-Bucks never appear, these sites often try to collect people’s “Fortnite” usernames and passwords or have them take surveys where they submit personal data under the pretense of verifying that they’re human.

>> Fake domains: Similar to V-Bucks generators, there are tons of sites that offer free V-Bucks or trick people into buying fake ones. These fake domains mimic developer Epic Games’ and “Fortnite’s” styles, colors and fonts to fool people. Some even put “Fortnite” in the URL. These sites collect personal information, but they often go a step further in directly charging a credit card or bank account.

>> Social media scams: One of the most popular ways scams are spread is through social media. Fake sites and V-Bucks generators encourage people to share their links to get more points, which helps expose the scam to more people. Plus, these links often direct users to suspicious apps and malware that can also target your kid’s personal information.

>> YouTube video scams: Similar to link-sharing scams on social media, there are tons of YouTube videos offering free V-Bucks and more. These fake videos and accounts have millions of views and send gamers to other sketchy sites.

>> Fake Android apps: After Epic Games made the controversial decision not to offer their Android app in the Google Play Store, scammers took advantage by putting up fake “Fortnite” apps. Although they’re designed to look like “Fortnite,” they’re data theft and malware distributors in disguise.

The fortnite purple cube is still a mystery

While Epic Games has not announced anything officially, this likely has something to do with the Season 5 content. These seasons usually end big in-game events and this cube seems to not be an exception. There are, as of this writing, about 10 weeks left for Season 5 v buck generator. So don’t worry. You still have plenty of time to rank up, do challenges, and see whatever this cube means.

The purple cube is still a mystery. It could do anything. Fortnite loves to keep us on our toes and this mysterious cube is just the right thing for that. It is slightly reminiscent of the meteorites from earlier this year although somehow a little more mysterious

Since the Fortnite purple cube is tied to the giant rift generator, it could literally do anything. The rift is tied to space and time, meaning regular physics do not apply. Fortnite is not a stranger to weird purple things after all. However, it is also bouncy and covered in symbols, as PCGamer reports.

V-bucks, is being used to launder money on the dark web

An investigation by The Independent, along with research by cyber security firm Sixgill, revealed that discounted V-bucks are being sold in large quantities in black markets on the dark web – a hidden section of the internet only accessible using specialist software.

The money laundering operation has also spread to the open web, albeit on a smaller scale, as they were found to have been advertised on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

The investigation found that stolen credit card details are being used to purchase V-bucks from the official Fortnite store. The cybercriminals are then able to “clean” the money by selling the V-bucks a discounted rate to players.

“Criminals are executing carding fraud and getting money in and out of the free v bucks generator system with relative impunity,” Benjamin Preminger, a senior intelligence analyst at Sixgill, told The Independent.

Preminger added that cybercriminals have been taking full advantage of the weak security measures employed by Fortnite developer Epic Games because “the company doesn’t seem to care about players defrauding the system and purchasing discounted V-bucks.”

Epic Games raked in $3 billion in profit last year, largely because of Fortnite’s overwhelming success. It is unclear how much money cybercriminals have made by exploiting the game however.

This was not the first instance that Fortnite has been used for illegal activities. A separate study by the IT security firm Zerofox found 53 thousand cases of online scams involving the game.

“While completely stopping such criminal activity is extremely difficult, several steps could be taken to mitigate the phenomenon, including monitoring the transfer of high-value goods in the game, identifying players with large stockpiles of V-bucks, and sharing data with relevant law enforcement agencies,” said Preminger.

Epic Games has revealed plans to fix an irritating building problem

The next major Fortnite update is expected to go live following a period of downtime on January 15.

In the build up to the release of the update, Epic Games has revealed plans to fix an irritating building problem.

Epic’s Sean Hamilton reveals more: “Ever had problems where you create a wall but it’s mostly underground and just too darn short?

“Well, do we have news for you! Starting in v7.20, get 2 walls for the price of 1 if the wall you’re going to build is more than 70% underground.”

Epic goes into greater detail on Reddit, telling fans that the new feature will kick in under two different circumstances.

Under those circumstances, the required connecting piece will now build automatically and for free,” Epic explains.

“In addition, the connecting piece will inherit team ownership rules (and the material type) of the desired piece. Please check out this feature when it’s rolled out and let us know what you think!”

Elsewhere, Epic continues to work on Stormwing and Zipline issues, as well as scoreboard problems and PC crashes.

Other issues under investigation include auto shooting when using a gamepad, and instances of the Aim Assist feature not working.

Fortnite Save the World will be given away for free after update 7.20 (Image: EPIC GAMES)

Update 7.20 will also coincide with Epic Games giving Save the World away for free on Xbox One fortnite v bucks generator.

Epic Games made the decision to give the co-op game away for free following confusion with the Xbox One S Fortnite bundle.

According to the packaging, the Xbox One S Eon bundle comes with an exclusive item set, 2,000 V-bucks for the in-game shop and “a full game download of Fortnite”.

However, as fans on Reddit have pointed out, the “full game download” was limited to Battle Royale only.