Fornite – The racetrack and the dance club map

Epic has released one final batch of challenges. You can complete most of these by playing the game, but one challenge requires visiting certain parts of the map. It tasks you with searching seven chests or ammo boxes at a racetrack or dance club.
Fornite – The racetrack and the dance club map

These refer to two unique locations on the Fortnite map. The racetrack is on the east coast, v buck generator while the dance club is in the south.

The dance club isn’t a large area. It’s just this building, which means that if several people drop here for the challenge it won’t be easy to complete.
Fortnite’s dance club

Searching chests and ammo boxes at the racetrack is much easier. To get credit you can go anywhere around the area including the track and the various club houses. Even if there are a dozen other people dropping around you, it should be easy to get a few boxes to yourself than the dance club. Nab seven across several games and you’re good to go.

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