Fortnite’s next big update is scheduled to arrive this morning following confirmation of the server downtime last night.

Fortnite’s next big update is scheduled to arrive this morning following confirmation of the server downtime last night.

“The v8.10 update rolls out tomorrow, March 12! Downtime begins at 5 AM ET (0900 UTC).”

For anyone wondering, this will be at 9am GMT for everyone living in the UK.

Stay tuned for more information later today including official patch notes, leaked skins, new vehicles and much more.

Original Story – Fortnite players are starting to get in the rhythm of this fancy new season that’s bought massive changes to the classic map we all know and love free v bucks generator.

As we head for another update, though, it’s time for us to speculate on what may change with the coming patch – and collate what we already know.

It’s likely that the forthcoming patch notes will add a few more features to the game and squash a few bugs, to boot.

Typically, new updates tend to drop at around 9am GMT – and patch notes will go live around the same time.

It’s possible, although not guaranteed, that tomorrow’s update could coincide with some small downtime as well, which normally lasts for around 2 hours (though this doesn’t happen every week).

However, with this likely being a small content update, it’s plausible the game won’t require any significantly lengthy server downtime.

So keep reading for a look at some of the upcoming changes we’re expecting to see go live in the game.RELATED ARTICLES

The Baller

Earlier today, we saw the in-game news feed receive and updated that announced a new item coming to Fortnite Battle Royale: The Baller vehicle.

Initially teased in the background of an image showing off the new season, the item was actually added way back in the game files for v8.00 of the game – but we’re only going to start seeing it in action now.

As of v.8.10’s launch, the one-person vehicle should be usable – as per one of the leaked challenges from Week 3 in the game.

We’ll update you with more as it becomes available.

The Baller (Pic: EPIC)

Respawn Van

Before the launch of Season 8, an AMA with the team hinted that they were working on a Respawn mechanic for squad games – these had leaked in previous weeks, but are we likely to see them added to the game this week? Maybe.

Last week, some leaked files had shown that these vehicles were tied to a new respawn mechanic, and the van in the files is known as a ‘second chance machine’.

Ben Walker of, writes:

“It seems that players will drop a card upon death and teammates can take it to a Respawn Van to bring them back to life.

“The feature is similar to that of the Respawn Beacon mechanic in rival title Apex Legends, however it is unknown if it was inspired or copied from them.”

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