The secret skin from the Season 7 Battle Pass is a doozy

Building up a large wardrobe of skins can get expensive though, so you want to know that you’re going to get the most out of what you’re flexing in-game. There are quite a few cool outfit generators that help you to visualise different combos – one we like is just called Fortniteskin.

It has models of almost every skin and back bling in the game – although not ones that are brand-new – free v bucks hack so you can test out different combos before you spend your hard earned V-Bucks on something that’s just not quite right.

These are some of our favourite skins, but sound off in the comments with the outfits you like the most, as well as your go-to skin combos from pieces you’ve collected!

For the sake of ease, we’re going to only include the final stage of progressive unlock skins, since they usually have similar colour schemes anyway.

Best Fortnite Skins

  • The Prisoner

The secret skin from the Season 7 Battle Pass is a doozy, and since he’s reasonably difficult to get – thanks to having to complete almost every weekly challenge – it’s quite rare to see him about too.

The striking contrast between the animated orange magma seeping out of his skin and his ashen body is awesome and different to any other skin we’ve seen.

The Prisoner Skin Combos

Subjugator (from the Enforcer)
Wolfpack (from Dire)
Valkyrie Wings (from Valkyrie)

  • Power Chord

If you want to rock the most punk skin, then Power Chord is your only option. Her black and pink colourway is another stand out, and she’s one of the only default recolours where her model still wearing high lace-up combat boots actually makes any sense.

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