This one is a lot like the old treasure map challenges that left back in Season 6

This one is a lot like the old treasure map challenges that left back in Season 6 but with a big twist. In the old ones, you had to hunt for the map somewhere on the island, but here you get it as part of the battle pass. You get it at Tier 10, so it shouldn’t take too much doing to unlock, even if you’re not necessarily there yet. Let’s take a look at what we’re working with:

So, not so bad there. We’re clearly looking in the snow biome down in the southwest, and we’re hunting for a ring of trees not too far from Polar Peak. v buck generator Astute observers will have noticed some changes with that location already that season, and so it was just a matter of time before we were sent down that way. Here’s what that location looks like on the in-game map:


Very straightforward. We’re going right to the southwest of Polar Peak, where you can easily see a ring of trees from the map or the air. Once you get on the ground, you’ll notice that the location itself is a little more done up than the usual patch of dirt where we find this sort of thing:


And here’s what it looks like on the ground. You’re going to want to go right up to the pedestal with the frozen Raven on top: he’s the fellow with the hood. The battle star is sitting right there.

It’s the Frozen Legends, which we might remember as a skin bundle from the Christmas season, here preserved in all their legendary glory. I get the feeling that the Frozen Legends mostly existed so that Epic had something to put on store shelves to be purchased and thrown into stockings, so presumably, the statues are here to commemorate a giant Q4 revenue infusion.

The major controversy currently facing Fortnite’s Item Shop

The major controversy currently facing Fortnite’s Item Shop is that there is no feature that asks players to confirm their purchases prior to the sale of a cosmetic item going through.

The way the shop works now, and has always worked, is once a player is on any cosmetic item’s page, one press of the ‘Purchase’ button immediately initiates the sale.

This has become a problem for many players, primarily those on console, as any accidentally press of the designated button will cause an item to be purchased with no way to cancel the transaction.

There is currently a way to refund items in Fortnite v buck generator, but the process requires the player to use up one of their three lifetime refund tokens, assuming they have any left on their account.

The current self-refund system in Fortnite can only be used three times on a single account.

Fortunately, Epic Games are looking to help fix this issue by adding a “undo purchase” button in the Item Shop, which will allow players to cancel their previous transaction.

The new feature will have a catch however, as players will only have up to five minutes to use on their previous purchase, and cannot use it after they’ve already loaded into a match since making the purchase.

Here is the full announcement message for this new button, courtesy of a developer’s post on Reddit:

We neither want to add friction for players nor do we want to benefit from accidental purchases or players regretting a purchase.

Our initial solution for this was to add a refund token system.

As an ongoing iteration, we are going to introduce an “undo” button to the store page that allows you to easily refund without using up a token within a 5 minute time window, assuming you haven’t started a match since purchase.

The reactions to the announcement of this new feature have been mixed, with Reddit users commenting their arguments for why they are for or against an ‘undo purchase’ button.

Some believe that all of this can be avoided if Epic simply added a confirmation page after the ‘purchase’ button was clicked on a cosmetic item’s page.

Others claim that this new feature would not only essentially serve as a confirmation step, but also as a safety net since players can still “accidentally” confirm the same way they incidentally clicked to make the purchase in the first place.

On this screen, there is no extra confirmation step for purchasing an item after the ‘Purchase’ button has been clicked.

As of now, Epic are yet to announce when this new feature will go live in Fortnite, although it could be as early as the v8.10 update, which is set to go live on March 12

Fortnite’s next big update is scheduled to arrive this morning following confirmation of the server downtime last night.

Fortnite’s next big update is scheduled to arrive this morning following confirmation of the server downtime last night.

“The v8.10 update rolls out tomorrow, March 12! Downtime begins at 5 AM ET (0900 UTC).”

For anyone wondering, this will be at 9am GMT for everyone living in the UK.

Stay tuned for more information later today including official patch notes, leaked skins, new vehicles and much more.

Original Story – Fortnite players are starting to get in the rhythm of this fancy new season that’s bought massive changes to the classic map we all know and love free v bucks generator.

As we head for another update, though, it’s time for us to speculate on what may change with the coming patch – and collate what we already know.

It’s likely that the forthcoming patch notes will add a few more features to the game and squash a few bugs, to boot.

Typically, new updates tend to drop at around 9am GMT – and patch notes will go live around the same time.

It’s possible, although not guaranteed, that tomorrow’s update could coincide with some small downtime as well, which normally lasts for around 2 hours (though this doesn’t happen every week).

However, with this likely being a small content update, it’s plausible the game won’t require any significantly lengthy server downtime.

So keep reading for a look at some of the upcoming changes we’re expecting to see go live in the game.RELATED ARTICLES

The Baller

Earlier today, we saw the in-game news feed receive and updated that announced a new item coming to Fortnite Battle Royale: The Baller vehicle.

Initially teased in the background of an image showing off the new season, the item was actually added way back in the game files for v8.00 of the game – but we’re only going to start seeing it in action now.

As of v.8.10’s launch, the one-person vehicle should be usable – as per one of the leaked challenges from Week 3 in the game.

We’ll update you with more as it becomes available.

The Baller (Pic: EPIC)

Respawn Van

Before the launch of Season 8, an AMA with the team hinted that they were working on a Respawn mechanic for squad games – these had leaked in previous weeks, but are we likely to see them added to the game this week? Maybe.

Last week, some leaked files had shown that these vehicles were tied to a new respawn mechanic, and the van in the files is known as a ‘second chance machine’.

Ben Walker of, writes:

“It seems that players will drop a card upon death and teammates can take it to a Respawn Van to bring them back to life.

“The feature is similar to that of the Respawn Beacon mechanic in rival title Apex Legends, however it is unknown if it was inspired or copied from them.”

Fortnite week 2 season 8 hidden banner location map volcano

 season 8, and week 2’s takes players to a new section of the map: the volcano. Rather than the usual Battle Pass star, this week you’ll have to collect a banner.

As usual, an unlockable loading screen reveals the hidden challenge location. The loading screen unlocks after you’ve completed all of the current weekly challenges. In case you haven’t made it there yet and want a preview, here’s week 2’s loading screen — with a helpful arrow to show you what you’re looking for.
Fortnite Season 8 week 2 loading screen

As you can see, the banner inside the volcano, on the wall right next to the throne. If you don’t remember exactly where the volcano is, here’s a map:
Fortnite Banner location map

Once you reach the volcano, dive inside to the bottom. free v bucks generator The throne and the wall with the banner on it are on the north side. To see and collect the banner, you’ll have complete all of the challenges for week 2 of the season 8 Battle Pass.

Fortnite Season 9: What will the theme be?

While pirates are dominating the Fortnite map at the moment, there will come a time when a new theme takes over.

Fortnite Season 9 will bring a new Battle Pass, with new challenges to complete and new rewards to gain.

When is the release date for Fortnite Season 9?

Epic Games has not yet confirmed the release date of Fortnite Season 9, which is understandable because it’s still early days.

But for you keen beans, it is still possible to work out when Fortnite Season 9 will start.

Each season of Fortnite lasts for roughly 10 weeks, after which Epic Games rolls out a major update for the new season.

We definitely know Fortnite Season 8 will last 10 weeks, because of the Challenges page which has been updated.

Battle Royale players can expect Fortnite Season 8 to end the on the same morning.

The new season usually goes live hours after the preceding one has finished.

This is when the dreaded server downtime takes place so the update can roll out.

These usually take place at 9am UK time, 4am eastern time, or 1am pacific.

Battle Royale fans were treated to an extra long Season 7, but this won’t be the case next time.

Epic Games explained before Season 7: “The Epic Games team will be taking its own v buck generator holiday break this winter, so Season 7 will be extended by two weeks and end on February 28.”

Fortnite Season 9: What will the theme be?

Epic Games will be keeping tight-lipped as to what is in store for Fortnite Season 9.

The theme is never usually revealed until the morning it’s actually released. That said, we normally see clues teased in the weeks ahead.

So with Season 8 we saw earthquakes and fissures opening up across the map, eventually leading to a giant volcano and a more tropical change to the map.

The secret skin from the Season 7 Battle Pass is a doozy

Building up a large wardrobe of skins can get expensive though, so you want to know that you’re going to get the most out of what you’re flexing in-game. There are quite a few cool outfit generators that help you to visualise different combos – one we like is just called Fortniteskin.

It has models of almost every skin and back bling in the game – although not ones that are brand-new – free v bucks hack so you can test out different combos before you spend your hard earned V-Bucks on something that’s just not quite right.

These are some of our favourite skins, but sound off in the comments with the outfits you like the most, as well as your go-to skin combos from pieces you’ve collected!

For the sake of ease, we’re going to only include the final stage of progressive unlock skins, since they usually have similar colour schemes anyway.

Best Fortnite Skins

  • The Prisoner

The secret skin from the Season 7 Battle Pass is a doozy, and since he’s reasonably difficult to get – thanks to having to complete almost every weekly challenge – it’s quite rare to see him about too.

The striking contrast between the animated orange magma seeping out of his skin and his ashen body is awesome and different to any other skin we’ve seen.

The Prisoner Skin Combos

Subjugator (from the Enforcer)
Wolfpack (from Dire)
Valkyrie Wings (from Valkyrie)

  • Power Chord

If you want to rock the most punk skin, then Power Chord is your only option. Her black and pink colourway is another stand out, and she’s one of the only default recolours where her model still wearing high lace-up combat boots actually makes any sense.

fortnite dance club fortnite racetrack fortnite overtime challenges

season 8 has yet to arrive but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any fun going on in Battle Royale. Epic Games is thankfully filling the gap between seasons with overtime challenges. These began last week, with the most interesting challenge tasking players to jump into Creative mode and collect some coins. This week, we have a brand new set of overtime challenges to complete and if you want to finish them before this season’s over, you’ll want to tackle them soon.

These challenges are free v bucks generator great for getting some experience and rewards that you can’t find anywhere else. This is especially important for players who haven’t reached tier 100 or their desired tier as the experience gained from these challenges still goes towards the season 7 Battle Pass.


There are a total of 20 overtime challenges that you can complete. That is a ton to do but Epic Games has been good about releasing just a few at a time. Today marks the release of the final batch of overtime challenges and they’re all fairly simple to complete. There is one challenge that is a little confusing if you don’t know where to go.

That challenge takes you to a dance club and/or a racetrack. You will want to make sure to complete this if you’re looking for the overtime challenges’ exclusive and amazing reward. If you complete at least 13 of these challenges, you will get a season eight Battle Pass for free. This is a unique reward that has never been given out before. It’s great to get if you’re looking to save some real world money.

Fornite – The racetrack and the dance club map

Epic has released one final batch of challenges. You can complete most of these by playing the game, but one challenge requires visiting certain parts of the map. It tasks you with searching seven chests or ammo boxes at a racetrack or dance club.
Fornite – The racetrack and the dance club map

These refer to two unique locations on the Fortnite map. The racetrack is on the east coast, v buck generator while the dance club is in the south.

The dance club isn’t a large area. It’s just this building, which means that if several people drop here for the challenge it won’t be easy to complete.
Fortnite’s dance club

Searching chests and ammo boxes at the racetrack is much easier. To get credit you can go anywhere around the area including the track and the various club houses. Even if there are a dozen other people dropping around you, it should be easy to get a few boxes to yourself than the dance club. Nab seven across several games and you’re good to go.

Welcome to today’s Fortnite Battle Royale AMA

AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. AMA’s given developers, influencers, and celebirities a chance to connect with their fan base and answer many of the question they may have.

The full announcement post was as follows…

Welcome to today’s Fortnite Battle Royale AMA, we’re pumped you could make it! Let’s introduce who will be answering your questions today.

Today’s Devs

  • EpicEricSW – Design
  • DanDaDaDanDan – Engineering
  • RZElive – Production

You gave us some great questions to start off with. So let’s dive right into those v buck generator questions/answers.

Q: Could you add the option for all consoles (including Nintendo Switch) to lower graphic settings and removing things like motion blur and shadows?

A: We are adding an option to disable motion blur (off by default) in Season 8.

Disabling shadows currently provides a gameplay benefit. This is not our intention and we are tweaking the way shadows are rendered to both brighten them and also make characters stand out better. This is going to be an ongoing effort starting with v8.0 and we will evaluate other options if this doesn’t end up working.

Q: If you complete 13 overtime challenges, you get the battle pass for free & it’s originally 950 vbucks, will we have the option to purchase the bundle if we want to? and will it be full priced if we’ve already earned the free pass. Thanks!

A: Yes, the Season 8 Battle Bundle will be available at a discount for players who earn a Season 8 Battle Pass via the Overtime Challenges.

Q: Ranked.. when?

A: We believe the key pillars for competition are:

  • Compete whenever you want
  • Measure and communicate your skill
  • Be challenged
  • Pop-up cups are a first small step in this direction, expect lots of iteration.

Q: Do you intend on improving the gameplay sound?

A: In the last few weeks we’ve started reviewing our gameplay audio and found there’s a lot of room for improvement. Season 8’s update will contain:

  • Improved Weapon firing sounds:
    • All player weapon fire sounds are now 2D stereo, giving them a much fuller and natural sound.
    • All 3rd person weapon sounds from other players are now mono and run through the new reverb, which gives much better point spatialization while still sounding ‘in the world’.
  • Reverb
    • There is now a global reverb available.
    • We are setting it up as an ‘opt-in’ feature, so we will be adding the reverb to categories of sounds as we go.
    • Currently, weapon related sounds are set up with reverb. In the future, we will be able to have different reverb settings for different areas of the map.
  • ADS / Crouch Foley
    • New sounds have been added for going into and out of ADS on each weapon, as well as sounds for going in and out of crouch. This gives a better sense of player ownership of actions.
  • Improvements to upstairs / downstairs footsteps for better tactical awareness.
  • Improved hit notification audio
  • Improvements to sound and mix of 2D hit notifications when players land shots on enemies. This includes a new clearer “shield break” sound.
  • Cleaned up the “weak-point” harvesting crit sound
  • We increased the dynamic range and shortened the length of this sound; it is still clear but much less fatiguing.
  • Fixed an issue preventing footsteps from being heard in some situations.
  • Even more improvements coming later in Season 8!

Q: What is the reason for not separating SEA servers? We have to play on 150 ping in pop up events

A: We are hosting our Asian servers in Tokyo and Singapore.

The majority of players in the general region are best served by our Tokyo data center, and we dynamically route players to Singapore if there are enough players in queue who have better ping to that location.

Generally, this allows us to more dynamically deal with fragmentation as platform * playlist * region results in a lot of buckets and regional populations swing by as much as a factor of 30-40 between daily peak and valley.

Having said that, we recently made some changes to our matchmaking wait times to help improve the experience of players with a better connection to our Singapore data center and have some other changes in development to further improve the situation. We are aiming for them to land in March.

Q: Can you add a button to the item shop to confirm purchases, to prevent accidental purchases?

A: We are working on ways to eliminate accidental purchases. In the meantime, we have a refund token system to help.

Q: Who has the most wins at Epic Games headquarters?

A: [EPIC] Tense (Mitch Meara): 577 in default playlists

Q: What was the hardest location to replace/get rid of?

A: Dusty Depot since that was the first time we had to make the decision to take the plunge and change something at a larger scale. Generally everything we change has a bittersweet aspect to it for somebody.

Epic Games has given Fortnite players the opportunity to earn a free battle pass for its upcoming Season 8

Epic Games has given Fortnite players the opportunity to earn a free battle pass for its upcoming Season 8. This is possible by completing at least 13 Overtime challenges, with the final set of challenges available now.

While the free battle pass is likely the prize most v buck generator fans are concerned about, there are other rewards for completing the Fortnite Overtime challenges as well. For the most part, players will earn XP that will go toward leveling up their battle pass, but they will also unlock cosmetics like sprays and loading screens.

At certain intervals, Fortnite players will also unlock new skins while completing challenges. A new skin will be unlocked after completing 5, 10, and then 15 Overtime challenges. So there should be some incentive for Fortnite players to continue the Overtime Challenges, even after they’ve managed to complete enough to unlock the free battle pass.
  • Collect Five Coins in Featured Creative Islands – 500 XP
  • Deal 500 damage to opponents with Assault Rifles or Pistols – 500 XP
  • Search Seven chests or ammo boxes at a motel or an RV park – 500 XP
  • Place Top 15 in Duos with a friend Three times – Wrap
  • Regain health from a campfire in Three different matches – 500 XP
  • Visit 10 different Named Locations – 500 XP
  • Search a Supply Drop in Two different matches – 500 XP
  • Revive a player in Three different matches – Loading Screen
  • Visit Seven different waterfalls – 500 XP
  • Deal 500 damage to opponents with Shotguns or SMGs – 500 XP
  • Search Seven chests or ammo boxes at The Block – 500 XP
  • Place Top 10 in Squads with a friend Three times – Spray
  • Play Three matches of Driftin’ with a friend – 500 XP
  • Thank the Bus Driver in Seven different matches – 500 XP
  • Search chests or ammo boxes at a racetrack or a dance club Seven times – 500 XP
  • Outlast 75 opponents in a single match – Loading screen

The Overtime Challenges give Fortnite players something to do while they wait for Season 8 to begin. Fans have until February 27 to complete as many as possible, and then they should be sure to play on February 28 to see what happens when Season 7 comes to an end and Season 8 officially begins.